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Posted January 18th, 2013 under Austin Pet Sitting

Austin Pet Sitting Tip Of The Day: My Dog Is Running Amuck!

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Austin Pet Sitting Tip Of The Day: My Dog Is Running Amuck!

There is nothing scarier than an adolescent high-strung dog that gets loose from your care, whether you leave the gate open when entering the backyard or it gets loose while you are walking it. You can be certain that once loose, your dog will run away from you and instinctually, you will want to chase after it. This is a common mistake people will make when trying to track down their dog. If your dog gets loose and starts to run away from you, the best thing to do is run in the opposite direction making sure to attract the dog’s attention while you run. Your dog will not be able to resist following you. Another good tactic is to sit down pretending that you have something interesting in your hand. This will attract the dog and it will want to investigate. The last tactic is to lie down on the ground and pretend you are hurt. Your dog will sense something is wrong and will immediately come over to investigate.

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