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Posted December 29th, 2012 under Austin Pet Sitting

Austin Pet Tip Of The Day: Choosing The Right Collar For Your Canine

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Austin Pet Tip Of The Day: Choosing The Right Collar For Your Canine

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and their collar’s do too. When choosing a collar for your dog make sure to select one that is comfortable yet snug enough to prevent your dog from slipping it off. Choosing a collar that is too tight can be very uncomfortable for your canine and even cause injury such as chafing and even can cut off circulation and obstruct its breathing. If the collar is too lose the dog will sense the ability to slip the collar and could injure itself in the process of trying to slip the collar or will successfully slip the collar. This can be a major problem with outside dogs if they get out of the backyard. Without a collar and proper identification it will be very difficult to find and retrieve your dog. When choosing a collar for your canine, test the collar on it and really make sure the collar is not too tight to cause injury and not too loose causing the dog to slip the collar.

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