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Posted September 30th, 2012 under Austin Pet Sitting

Hiring a Well Trained Austin Pet Sitter Is Best Practice

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Hiring a Well Trained Austin Pet Sitter Is Best Practice

Taking the necessary steps to planning a trip away from your pet is critical to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your pet. Some owners may feel that leaving their dog or cat alone for more than a day may be ok if they leave enough food and water for the pet. Fact is, leaving your pet unattended for more than a day is not good practice for ensuring the safety of your pet, especially in the summer months. Pets do not understand portion control and what you may think is enough food or water for a few days may in reality not be enough at all. Your pet may get really thirsty or hungry during the day and drink all the water or eat all of the food. Without water, your pet will quickly become dehydrated and can potentially die within the second day. It is always best practice to have a well-trained Austin pet sitter come over and take care of your pet daily.

Many owners will consider asking one of their family friends to come over and check on their pet daily. Most of these family friends are not trained in handling pets especially pets they are not familiar with. They may also not be as reliable as you think. Of course they mean well, but these family friends who are coming over as a favor to you have busy schedules and could forget unintentionally. They are not used to coming over each day to check on your pet, especially when you’re gone for a week or more. Well qualified and trained Austin pet sitters are passionate about the care of your pet. Their main objective is to come and care for your pet on a daily basis, rather than your pet’s care being on a long secondary list of tasks of a family friend, furthermore, anything can happen to an unattended pet. The pet could become depressed and anxious from being alone and could injure itself in some way. Well trained Austin pet sitters can evaluate these incidents and make the necessary decisions to ensure the safety of your pet.

It is always best practice to hire a well-trained Austin pet sitter to come take care of your pet on a daily basis. A well trained Austin pet sitter will keep a schedule and stick to that schedule. A well-trained Austin pet sitter will also have the expertise to take action if something unexpected happens with your pet.

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