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Posted August 13th, 2012 under Austin Pet Sitting

Pet Dental Care Makes a Happy Pet

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Pet Dental Care Makes a Happy Pet

Have you ever held your pet close and got turned off by its foul breath? If you do, it means your pet is in need of pet dental care. Bad breath in your pets is no fun and more importantly, dental disease is nothing to joke about. Dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health issues for canine and feline pets. Bear in mind that dental disease can make your pet a very unhappy pet.

Why Pets Need Dental Care?

Emerging science has shown that the mouth is a window to the health of your body and it is equally applicable to your pet’s body too. Bad breath and other dental diseases are signs of nutritional deficiencies and general infections. Diseased gums and teeth left unattended in your pets can lead to other serious health issues in the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract and even their joints. A regular pet dental care can promote a long and healthy life for your pet. A committed home regimen of daily dental maintenance by the owners can be the start to ensure that they have an enjoyable relationship with their pets.

Most pet owners do not realize that effective pet dental care can prevent periodontitis, cavities and decays while at the same time save them unnecessary expenses on major treatments. Research has found that more than 80% of dogs and cats over the age of four are susceptible to dental diseases which are caused by the quality of food fed, chewing habits and the lack of oral hygiene. Therefore, your pet dental care should include brushing your dog or cat’s teeth at least twice a week. In between the brushings, it is advisable to provide your pet with dental chew bones, rawhides or chew toys to help keep their teeth and gums in healthy condition. This also helps to prevent tartar and plaque buildups.

When Should You Start?

The earlier you start on pet dental care the better it is for your canine or feline pet. You can seek the services of a veterinarian to teach you the ropes to brushing your puppy or kitten’s teeth. At the same time, your veterinarian could help to look out for any retained deciduous teeth and malocclusion issues. These will be helpful to start your pet on a preventive pet dental care to avoid future complications. Once your pet reaches adulthood over the age of three, a scheduled dental checkup with the veterinarian is important.

What You Need For A Home Regimen?

Giving your canine and feline pets their regular pet dental care is an important responsibility to ensure your pet enjoys a quality life. Starting on your home pet dental care regimen will require a canine or feline tooth-brush kit. The brush and toothpaste are specially formulated for your pets. Alternatively, you could use a soft gauze material with baking soda to do the job. Chew toys, chew bones or rawhides are normally offered to your pet to help strengthen their teeth. Gnawing on them can also help massage their gums while keeping the teeth clean and free from tartar and plaque buildups. On a weekly basis, lift your pet’s lips to examine its gums and teeth. The gums should be pink without any swelling while no brownish tartar should be visible on the teeth.

If you truly love your canine or feline pet, avoid feeding them with table scraps. If you want to give them treats, there are specially formulated pet foods that cater not only to their nutrition but also protection of their teeth. Remember pet dental care starts with you.

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